CLF Inner Reeve Challenge Social Media Kit


Thank you for your donation to the #CLFInnerReeveChallenge! Like Christopher Reeve, you are now a hero to those with spinal cord injuries!

Help spread us spread awareness for spinal cord injuries and the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation by sharing your donation on Facebook or Instagram and then nominating 3 friends to participate in the CLF Inner Reeve Challenge!

Step 1) Take a Photo or Video

Take a photo or video and explain who your Inner Reeve hero is and why you selected them.

If you aren't able to record a video, we recommend you download and print the Inner Hero Printout below and write in your Inner Hero's name on the line. Take a quick photo or selfie to share on social media!

Challenge Printout

Step 2) Post on Social Media & Nominate 3 Friends

After you've taken your video or photo, you're almost ready to post!

Think of 3 friends or family members to nominate for the #CLFInnerReeveChallenge.

Use the social media post template below (copy and paste) in the blue box, add in your Inner Hero's name and the reason why you selected them. Be sure to include your 3 nominations next to the "@" symbols, so they get tagged.

Don't forget to include the hashtags!

I am participating in the #CLFInnerReeveChallenge in an effort to support the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. I am raising awareness for those with paralysis in honor of one of my heroes, _____.

I chose my Inner Reeve hero, ______ because ______.

I nominate [tag friend], [tag friend], and [tag friend], to participate in the Challenge by posting a photo or video to social media like mine of one of their Inner Heroes, and tagging 3 of their friends to pass it on!

Participants who donate can enter to win amazing prizes, including a Peloton Tread!

For more information on the Reeve Foundation and the #CLFInnerReeveChallenge, visit the non-profit website,

Don't forget to tag @ChaffinLuhanaFoundation

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