The Nalani Johnson Rule


Nalani Johnson was much like any other toddler. She was just starting out in life, often wore her hair in two pigtails, looked great in pink, and had a grandmother and family who adored her. But on August 31, 2019, she was abducted in the Penn Hills area of Pittsburgh, PA despite her father immediately calling 911, it took hours for the AMBER Alert to issue. By then, it was too late. Nalani’s abductor had killed her and abandoned her body in an adjacent county.

Her grandmother, Taji Walsh, wants answers. This tragedy could have been avoided, she says, if the public had been alerted sooner. Chaffin Luhana agrees, so we’ve taken on this case pro-bono, drafted a proposed amendment to the law, and started a petition to change things for the good of the children of Pennsylvania. To do this, we need your help.

Other children across the nation have suffered the same fate. They deserve better, so we’re banding together with concerned parents and community members to support the passage of House Bill 509, or the “Nalani Johnson Rule”, an amendment drafted by Chaffin Luhana LLP and recently introduced in the PA State Legislature by Representative Anthony DeLuca and 20 co-sponsors, with the goal of changing the AMBER Alert System in Pennsylvania so that this sort of tragedy doesn’t happen again.

The Nalani Johnson Rule: House Bill 509