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The Chaffin Luhana Foundation


Law partners Eric Chaffin and Roopal Luhana, along with their families, established The Chaffin Luhana Foundation in 2010 to honor their humble roots and build upon the values of integrity and resilience instilled in them by their hardworking parents.

A not-for-profit organization, the Foundation encourages the development of human potential and supports community empowerment through the endowment of funds to deserving recipients, the creation of community-based enrichment projects, and the support of important scientific research that meaningfully impacts the under-privileged and sick in society.

With the goal of fostering acceptance, understanding, and an inclusive and healthy environment for everyone, the Foundation seeks to highlight individuals who are displaying outstanding characteristics in their lives, and bring all walks of life together in ways that invite positive interaction, while rewarding those resilient people willing to face difficult challenges, get back up, and surge forth once again.

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Stephani Victor Legacy Award

Each year, the Chaffin Luhana Foundation awards a financial gift to one deserving individual who overcome significant challenges and achieved great milestones in his or her life or career, or who give back in unique ways to his or her community.

Research and Scholarship Grants / Outreach Projects

The Foundation awards periodic financial gifts to institutions of higher learning for the purpose of supporting scientific research, and funds educational scholarships to students. The Foundation is able to do this by creating and presenting at least one new project every five years.

Chaffin Luhana Foundation Scholarships

In 2018, the Chaffin Luhana Foundation will be awarding two separate scholarships, totaling over $4,000. One of the foundation’s missions is to drive down the staggering number of distracted driving accidents in the United States. The Foundation will be awarding a $2,000 scholarship to a student who helps us in this fight by submitting an inspiring personal essay.

With the increase of social media’s presence over the last few years, it’s hard to avoid having some sort of contact with it today. Children and young adults have become greatly impacted by social media throughout their days, some for better, and some for worse. The Chaffin Luhana Foundation will be awarding a $2,000 scholarship to the student with the most inspiring essay regarding the positive and/or negative effects of social media on high school and college students

end distracted driving

The Chaffin Luhana Foundation is committed to promoting student awareness about the perils of distracted driving and to end distracted driving. “EndDD” was created by Joel Feldman and his wife Dianne who lost their daughter, Casey, to a distracted driver when she was just 21 years old. Chaffin Luhana Partner Eric Chaffin has made several EndDD (end distracted driving) presentations to national organizations and students in the Ohio Valley.  Paralympian and Chaffin Luhana Foundation Spokesperson, Stephani Victor, joined Eric to present to students at four separate high schools in the Fall of 2014 to raise awareness and educate teens on this very important issue.

Chaffin Luhana LLP

Eric Chaffin and Roopal Luhana founded the New York based Chaffin Luhana LLP law firm so that they could put all their legal experience and skill to good use, representing victims of all types of accident and injury cases. Attorneys at Chaffin Luhana LLP are fully committed to successfully representing their client's case by making sure they recover the full and proper amount of compensation for the client's full physical and or emotional recovery. If you or a loved one is in need of legal help or representation, contact Chaffin, Luhana LLP for a free legal consultation, today.