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Peloton Pay It Forward in February Mileage Challenge

The Chaffin Luhana Foundation is making charitable donations today in recognition of a group of Peloton cyclists who sought to Pay It Forward in February.

Each month this particular Peloton group racks up thousands of miles on Peloton bikes around the country. Each cyclist sets a monthly goal. As a group, they rode over 41,000 miles on Peloton bikes in February.

Yesterday, to challenge the cyclists to do some good together for society at large and to push themselves to surpass their individual goals, Eric Chaffin who is a Foundation Trustee and himself a Peloton enthusiast, pledged for the Foundation to donate $1 per mile that each rider rode over their February goal to a charity of their choice.

The cyclists collectively surpassed their monthly mileage goals in February by roughly 2,800 miles at last count—and the Foundation is donating $2,800 in honor of these cyclists to be split up among the following nominated charities:

  1. National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Dedicated to curing and spreading awareness of Multiple Sclerosis. [DONATE]
  2. Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center – Dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of sick and injured sea turtles. [DONATE]
  3. American Heart Association Go Red For Women (Long Island) – Raising awareness to prevent heart disease in women. [DONATE]
  4. Star House – Meeting the Needs of Homeless Youth in Columbus, Ohio. [DONATE]
  5. Live Like Jake Foundation – Bringing awareness to drowning prevention in Florida. [DONATE]
  6. Red Sneakers for Oakley – Dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of food allergies. [DONATE]
  7. Variety, The Children’s Charity of the Delaware Valley – Enriching the lives of children and young adults with disabilities in the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania. [DONATE]
  8. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center – Dedicated to fighting and discovering cures for cancer. [DONATE]

Pay It Forward

A key mission of the Foundation is to foster acceptance, understanding, and an inclusive and healthy environment for everyone. The Peloton community of cyclists represents the best of these values and the Foundation is proud to pay their miles forward to help create a more positive and supportive environment for everyone.

If you’d like to make your own donation to any of the organizations above, click the “DONATE” link next to each charity above.