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Chaffin Luhana Foundation Provides Turkeys and Trimmings to Greater Pittsburgh

As most of us look forward to spending some quality time with our families over a nice warm meal this holiday season, I can’t help but think about those who are unable to do the same.

Economical ups and downs have made it difficult for many households to make ends meet. In addition, Allegheny County has over 270,000 residents who are aged 60 and older, and many of those are disabled veterans.

Pennsylvania actually has the 4th largest veteran’s population in the country, and Allegheny County is home to over 86,000 veterans. Unfortunately, 11.8 percent of those between the ages of 18 and 34 live below the poverty line, and nearly 60,000 of veterans living in Pennsylvania need help buying food.

According to recent U.S. Census reports, 12.2 percent of Allegheny County is below the poverty line. The Brookings Institute recently reported that the city of Pittsburgh’s poverty level is improving. Overall, the poverty rate decreased from 23.0 percent to 19.2 percent.

To help serve those in need in the community and to continue honoring our commitment of “Doing Good by Doing Right,” The Chaffin Luhana Foundation, on Veterans Day gave away over 600 free turkeys with holiday trimmings to needy families and individuals in Pittsburgh.

Chaffin Luhana LLP is a member of Injury Board, which is an international association of trial attorneys working together to make a difference in their local communities. Each year, Injury Board members from more than 100 plaintiff law firms come together as part of a nationwide community outreach initiative called the “Injury Board Day of Action” to give back to their local communities.

Law Firm Enjoys the Magic of Giving Back to the Community

Roopal and I both came from working class families, so I know that at any time, life can change, and people can end up in difficult situations they just can’t control. I feel that we owe it to our friends and families and the community to do what we can to help.

The Chaffin Luhana Foundation is a not-for-profit organization launched by myself and my founding partner Roopal Luhana to support and uplift those who are struggling to overcome significant challenges in life. Our efforts through the Foundation are some of our most rewarding, and this event was no exception. Many of our staff members came together to volunteer their time and commented on how good it felt to contribute and give back to our community in this way.

“The whole idea was to give back to those in need,” Roopal said, “but whenever you get actively involved like this, both the givers, and the receivers are blessed. We experienced that magic at the event last weekend.”

Thirty volunteers from the firm and local organizations pitched in to help, and I’m grateful to every one of them.

Doing Good by Doing Right. Every Day. In Everything We Do.

Our Foundation worked with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, the Allegheny County Department of Human Services, the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and the Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania to invite those in need to receive a free holiday turkey plus holiday trimmings.

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank Allegheny County DHS United Way of Southwestern PA Veterans Leadership Program of Western PA

We also donated surplus turkeys and trimmings to The Crafton Ingram Pantry, The Grandview Church of God, The St. Philip Church, and The St. James Parish.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh, Green Tree; the Green Tree Volunteer Fire Company; and the Green Tree Borough Police Department for their help with this event.

It feels great to reach out and help our neighbors and friends in the Greater Pittsburgh area. If you think about it, you realize that any one of us could be in their shoes. We can all do more. We just need to be willing to take action.


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